Innovating and industrializing customer-centric premium battery technology

Energy at its best

We specialize in premium battery technology manufacturing at scale, accelerate custom battery development and industrialization, and offer comprehensive services and projects in cell development. As a trusted industry partner of leading automotive and aviation companies, we deliver the full spectrum of customer-centric premium battery technology, enabling the development of next-generation applications, including super sports and racing cars and advanced air mobility vehicles.

Unlock the future of electrification with us

We have the full range of capabilities—spanning from material and process research, prototyping and pilot production, to industrialization, project planning, to cell production up-scaling—to perfectly match your battery needs. Our highly skilled team works hand-in-hand with clients to innovate and industrialize premium battery technology tailored to specific industry and performance requirements.

We have cracked the code to fuse innovation with high-performance volume manufacturing

We offer our customers a competitive edge in electrification and decarbonization. By creating specific USPs for our customers, we unlock premium value. Our commitment to operational excellence and customer-centricity directly translates into selective innovation, tailored outperformance, and reliability throughout the product’s lifetime. Our industry expertise ensures a risk-mitigated, cost-effective strategy for integrating premium battery technology and manufacturing into our customers’ operations. Through agile loops, we facilitate the optimization of next-generation, sustainable cell chemistries and formats. Our approach empowers clients with enhanced control over a pivotal component in their value chain.



Projects & services

We deliver customer-centric premium battery technology


Whether we are co-creating groundbreaking innovations with partners and customers to transform mobility or produce premium battery cells in volume at the highest technical level, our focus is always customer-centric. We provide products and end-to-end services that are both highly differentiated and highly relevant to the industries and customers we serve.


Our commitment to 'energy at its best' signifies a premium benchmark. Our batteries, featuring advanced cell design and mechanics, are crafted with electrodes derived from next-generation materials, integrated high-safety configurations, and optimized performance metrics across diverse technology platforms. This approach ensures superior performance, sustainability, resilience, and efficiency, particularly in high-demand environments.

Our industry expertise translates into technological competitive advantages

Material and cell design innovation

In our pursuit of groundbreaking innovation, we have achieved industry-defining advancements in material and cell design:

Process and manufacturing technology

Complementing our material and cell design innovations, our prowess in high-performance volume manufacturing ensures we deliver excellence at scale.

We enable breakthrough innovations in automotive, aviation and beyond

Our premium lithium-ion battery technology paves the way for new applications across multiple industries and acts as catalysts for groundbreaking innovations. As a recognized premium partner of major automotive manufacturers and a key enabler in the advanced air mobility sector, we are at the forefront of the electric mobility revolution. By offering customer-centric premium battery technology and pioneering solutions, we empower our clients to realize their most ambitious projects, be it in high-performance electric mobility on the road, in the air or in other domains.

Our main industries

Premium battery technology for the automotive industry

In the dynamic landscape of e-mobility, CustomCells stands out as a trusted partner for top-tier automotive manufacturers and suppliers. Beyond offering high-performance battery cell technology from early prototypes to advanced development stages, we serve as a technical development and industrialization partner spanning the entire battery value chain.

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Empowering maritime ventures with advanced battery solutions
CustomCells delivers high-performance prismatic lithium-ion secondary cells tailored for the rigorous demands of the maritime sector. From yachts and offshore vessels to ferries and mobile port equipment, our batteries ensure optimal performance and reliability on the high seas and in port operations.
Powering the change in aviation

Together with our customers, we are revolutionizing the aviation sector with state-of-the-art battery technology. We produce high-performance pouch and cylindrical cells for the advanced air mobility sector. From eVTOL to eCTOL aircraft, our batteries are setting the standard for safe and certified applications in the future of flight.

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Customer-centric energy solutions for specialized industries
CustomCells excels in providing advanced energy storage solutions that meet the intricate needs of specialized industries, including the medical sector. Our advanced battery technology empowers a range of critical applications, from high-tech medical devices to other precision-demanding fields.

Key applications and selected partnerships

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